We live on the farm as a functional family, being our brother’s keeper while keeping ourselves on track. We lift each other up with encouragement and are a blessing to everyone.  We work on changing our thinking to align with Christ’s thinking. Red Sea offers opportunities to further your education as well as prepares you to get the job of your choice and we are working toward providing on the job training at the farm and off.

During phase 1 there’s no financial cost for the participant, only the willingness to do the work to change your life, and follow all rules for the well-being of yourself and others at Red Sea. You will agree to leave the farm immediately if you choose to alter your mind with substances or commit any act of violence, threaten to commit an act of violence, or encourage others to do so. Gang mentality and convict code will not be tolerated.  Once you’re at Red Sea you will be part of the Red Sea family for a lifetime if you choose to. If you relapse there will be an opportunity to go to detox and reapply at Red Sea.

We are discovering who the real Jesus is, the Jesus that loves us so much that He willingly left his heavenly throne to be beaten, shed His perfect blood, and die for all our sins. Then He conquered death, and proved his resurrection before rising to take His rightful place as Lord in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Discovering this Jesus empowers us to live in victory and walk in freedom!

To the greatest degree possible everything is custom tailored to fit each person’s needs. Most remain in phase 1 for about 9 months. During that time we live and work together at the farm while changing our thinking to align with Christ’s plan for our lives. You will also determine what career path is good for you and do everything necessary to be ready to apply for that job with the director’s guidance. In phase 2 you will get the job that aligns with your plan and begin working off the farm, while still living at the farm.  When you have stable income and stable housing, you will move off the farm but you will be invited to come back to give and receive support and celebrate occasions.

We recognize that we can choose to think differently, be a blessing to the farm, live as a functional family in every way: cooking, doing chores, working out disagreements with a Biblical approach and have fun, including art work, baseball, board games, lift weights and anything appropriate that you enjoy if it’s doable; while following all rules of parole and the farm.

We work together to create a home that we want to live in!

If you’re really ready to change your life, than I’ll look forward to seeing you on the farm!